10 Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean Throughout the Week

Friday, September 25, 2015

Do you want to keep your office clean, disinfected, and tidy throughout the week? Do you want to practice mindfulness by keeping your workplace clean? Do you want to continue the hygiene and cleanliness trends that the coronavirus promoted?

A dirty office can be quite distracting and can lessen your productivity. If you want to avoid these distractions, below are 10 tips to keep an office clean. Keep reading to learn what they are and how you can apply them.

1. Avoid Bringing Food into the Workspace

In Australia, 39% of all jobs can be remote or done from home. If you must keep working in an office, don’t forget about your office etiquette. Keep food away from your workspace or desk.

Doing this will help you avoid inviting pests like roaches or rats to your space. Also, food particles will fall, no matter how careful you are. If you don’t want your desk to collect food particles, keep food far away from it.

2. Downsize Your Office Supplies

If keeping the office tidy is your goal, then take a look at how much of one thing you have in your workspace. How many extra highlighters, markers, or tape dispensers have you got on your desk or office space? Next, ask yourself how much of them do you need?

If you don’t need all those highlighters or sticky notes in different colours, pick one to use in the office. Better yet, start digitizing your paperwork. If you digitise, you won’t need the other office supplies, like staplers and clips.

3. Clear Out the Unnecessary Clutter

Make it a point to de-clutter and remove all the unnecessary supplies or items inside the office. This way, you can place more important items in the drawers or tables in their place. Taking out the clutter is also a great way to keep the office clean and to avoid accidents.

4. Start Hiring Professional Office Cleaners

You may wonder, what if nobody can make time to get things organised? If you’ve had to cut down on employees or have other reasons not to have time to clean, hire cleaning services. Because of their experience with different offices, professional cleaners know what to do.

Check out our guide on hiring the best commercial cleaners for the office to learn more.

5. Create a Catch-It Space and Organise It Often

Where will you place the miscellaneous items or incoming junk at the workplace? The solution here is to pick a drawer, cabinet, tray, or box as your office catch-it space. This is where all the incoming junk will go.

Place the catch-it space in the most obvious area of the office, so it’s easy to access. To maintain workplace cleanliness, make sure you organise the items that fall into the catch-it space. How often you’ll have to organise will depend on how many items get put in it.

6. Get Organisers, Organising Trays, and Drawers

How can you put the items from the catch-it space in their proper place if you haven’t made one for them? Before you create a catch-it space, make sure that you have a place for everything in the office. Choose a place for tools, paper, office supplies, cleaning products, and other items.

Use organisers or organising trays to compartmentalise. Assign and label drawers for certain tools or office supplies. Also, make sure that drawers or organising trays are accessible to those who will need them.

7. Make Safety Policies and Protocols

Office workers help sustain hospitality venues, retail stores, and cultural institutions. Thus, certain office workers must return to their posts or jobs. Yet, if everyone must return to the office, you have to establish safety protocols.

Create a system that highlights the necessary safety protocols. For example, at the entrances and exits, have hand-washing or sanitising prepared. Assign safety personnel to remind people to wear masks and keep social distancing.

8. Create Two Zones for Employees

If your office often needs to use computers to operate, create a zone for it. Having a computer work zone can help keep computers safe from spills and other accidents. Employees who work in the computer zone can also focus more on computer-related tasks.

The non-computer work zone is where employees will do everything else not computer-related. This includes paperwork, organising products, and more. Creating zones for different tasks helps organise the workflow and promotes social distancing.

9. Keep the Office Clean by Disinfecting Daily      

The naked eye can’t see germs, but this doesn’t mean they’re not gathering in our most used items. Inside office spaces, germs often gather on door handles, desks, keyboards, and other surfaces. If you want to practice good workplace hygiene, make it a habit to disinfect.

Start by wiping down surfaces before and after you use them. Focus on the items you’ll use the most during your shift, like your desktop, mouse, and keyboard. To make disinfection easier, keep your desk free of clutter.

10. Update Office Cleaning Procedures

It’s risky to bring employees and workers back into the business or office. Because of the nature of the pandemic, some of them may not know that they have the infection. Those who are asymptomatic can interact with others and spread the virus.

If you want to avoid this, create and update cleaning procedures for the office. What will happen when an employee becomes ill or if you see symptoms of coronavirus in them? Create a step-by-step system for dealing with this situation and what you can do to ensure everyone else’s safety.

Keep Your Office Clean With These 10 Tips

That ends our guide on the ten things you can do to keep your office clean throughout the week.

We hope you now have a better idea about how to disinfect and keep clean your office. If you’re interested in seeing more content like this, check out our other guides in our blog.

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