How to Hire a Quality Cleaning Service: A Helpful Guide

Friday, February 12, 2021

Many people spent 2020 working from home. Early on, we learned its benefits and limitations. Working in your comfy pants was a novelty, though technical glitches during virtual meetings were less than ideal.

Now that some states lifted their work from home order, you're ready to welcome your workers back to the office. Many are slow to return. Who can blame them?

You want to hire a quality cleaning service to put your workers at ease, but don't know where to start.

Don't worry. We'll guide you through it. Check out these tips for hiring a professional cleaning service.

Compare Quotes

A clean work environment is more important than ever in the age of Covid-19.

Australia continues containing the spread of this very contagious virus with aggressive mitigation efforts, that doesn't mean it's gone. Vigilance is as important as ever as we wait for the vaccine to bring herd immunity.

That being said, most company finances suffer from the economic effects of the lockdowns. You might not have a lot of money in your budget to spend on professional cleaners.

You have to compare prices. Do this by calling all the cleaners in your area and getting price quotes for the services you need.

What Services Do They Offer

Do you rent a spacious office with lots of big, bright windows? Or is your company so small you only rent or own a few rooms? The size of your office depends on what services you'll need.

To find the right professional cleaners, make sure they offer the services you need to keep your office space clean.

Covid-19 hangs over everything we do these days, and it's impossible to not discuss. Make sure your cleaning company follows all the proper professional Covid-19 protocols as well as a specialised Covid-19 sanitation service.

Proof of Insurance

Competent commercial cleaning services have to carry some form of insurance. Should a cleaner suffer injury or illness while cleaning your office, you could be held liable.

If your cleaners don't carry insurance, you risk having to pay for any damaged or stolen office equipment, too.

While it's tempting to pay the least amount for your cleaning, don't let the temptation of a low price lead you into hiring uninsured cleaners. You could pay more in the long run.

Seek Referrals

Ask any of your business associates or acquaintances. You'll find that managers and owners will often gush over their office cleaning service if they're good.

If you lack a wide professional network, pose the question to your social media network.

Does Their Schedule Match Yours?

It does you no good to hire a cleaning service that can't get the job done when you need them to. No matter how recommended or acclaimed the company is, they're not worth it if they can't clean on your timeframe.

Before you commit to a cleaning service and sign a contract, make sure to nail down the times you want them to clean. Is it every week? Once a month?

What times? Are they available to clean after working hours? These are all important considerations when hiring a cleaning service.

Who Does the Cleaning?

This is an interesting question and not one many people consider when hiring cleaners. You have to ask it.

Why? Many big cleaning companies contract out their cleaning work. Others hire temporary workers.

This could be a big issue if your office suffers damage, theft, or other quality control issues. The most trustworthy cleaning companies hire full-time employees who work under a direct supervisor.

There is a clear chain of command this way, and you can easily rectify any issues that may arise.

What About Cleaning Supplies?

When you're hiring cleaners, you have to discuss cleaning supplies. Some companies bring their supplies, while others expect you to purchase the cleaning materials.

If you're on the hook for providing cleaner, how much do you need and what materials do the workers feel comfortable using?

If the company supplies cleaner, what types of cleaning supplies do they typically use? If you have specifics about chemicals, eco-friendliness, or employee allergies, you must discuss this before you sign.

Likewise, does the cleaning company bring their equipment like vacuums and mops? Or do they expect you to supply those?

Request an On-Site Visit

A cleaning company can't know your instructions over the phone or through an online consultation. You can give them your information, like how big your office is, and the services you need that way.

You can't give them specialised instructions. Before you hand over the keys to any cleaning company, make sure they're amenable to on-site consultation.

When they visit, you can give them all the instructions necessary for the job.

What Preparation Do They Require?

Every commercial cleaner is different. What are their requirements for preparing your office for their service? And are these preparations too cumbersome for your staff to complete?

Some cleaning companies ask for the trash removed from cans. Some want all devices unplugged and surfaces clear. It's best to find out what the cleaners want before you hire them.

This way you'll know whether you and your staff can handle the preparation efforts ahead of time.

You Need a Quality Cleaning Service

Many Australians can return to the office. A quality cleaning service puts their mind at ease. You want your employees to feel comfortable in these uncertain times.

When hiring a service, make sure they fit your budget and offer the professional cleaning services you and your workers need.

If you're looking for professional cleaners in the Melbourne area, we're the one you need. Contact us today for a quote.


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