What You Should Know About Commercial Office Cleaning and the Pandemic

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Are you managing an office building? Or do you have a small office that you plan to re-open soon? With the global pandemic, having a clean, safe, and virus-free workplace is paramount.

Medical experts caution that coronavirus spreads faster in spaces with poor ventilation. An excellent example is a regular office setup. A typical office features closed doors, shut windows, and air conditioners.

Though there are cleaning procedures you can perform, it is still best to hire a company specialising in commercial office cleaning. But does it make that big of a difference?

Continue reading below as we dissect commercial cleaning and its impact on keeping your office virus-free.

The Need for Commercial Office Cleaning

Do you need commercial office cleaning? Are your efforts not enough to keep COVID-19 at bay? The straight-up answer is “yes.”

Hiring professionals for commercial cleaning services offer many benefits.

It’s no surprise that commercial cleaning is booming. But to get a deeper appreciation for commercial cleaning, you must first understand that fighting off viruses requires more than simply wiping with alcohol.

Professional cleaners perform two fundamental tasks: cleaning and sanitising. Some people tend to mix up these two concepts. Some even believe they are the same.

In reality, cleaning should first take place before sanitation. This is something that professional cleaners take into heart. They remove organic matter on all surfaces in the office.

This involves taking out all the oil, grease, and protein. Doing so allows them to sanitise the surfaces faster and more effectively.

Furthermore, commercial cleaners also cover areas that can be breeding ground for illnesses. They can perform extensive cleaning on your blinds and drapes. They can also perform carpet steam cleaning to keep those allergens away.

They can perform a thorough cleaning of upholstery, concrete floors, and walls. And since they have the knowledge and tools to pull all of these, you can save a lot of time and resources for your company.

Instead of taking on the cleaning chores, you can hire professional cleaners and use your time to focus on growing your business.

What to Expect from a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many things you can expect from a trusted commercial cleaning company. Firstly, you can expect them to pay attention to detail. To do this, they will survey your office.

From there, they’ll come up with a plan that will help them clean the key areas more efficiently.

Also, a professional cleaner will go beyond the usual cleaning tasks. This means covering areas beyond the basics such as wiping the surfaces or taking out the trash.

As we mentioned earlier, professional cleaners follow the “clean first before disinfecting” rule. Thus, expect them to clean surfaces using soap and water as the basic step. Expect them to cover key areas where contact occurs frequently.

These include your doorknobs, light switches, and handles. They will also clean your tables, countertops, sinks, and toilets.

After cleaning all surfaces, they will commence with the sanitising process. A reliable cleaning company generally uses a special cleaning solution.

Since professional cleaners are also front-liners in the battle against COVID-19, you can expect them to wear proper cleaning gear. Expect them to wear face masks, rubber gloves, or PPEs for the duration of the services.

Also, they can provide you a checklist so you can track the progress of their services. This is also your way of monitoring if they can cover all bases by the end of their services.

Playing Your Part

To ensure the safety of your workplace against COVID-19, you cannot rely solely on professional cleaners. When they are long gone, you need to start playing your part. Your best bet is to follow the tips for workplace cleanliness set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As a business owner, you want to implement regular hand washing for everyone in the office. Invest in alcohol and hand sanitisers and place them in key locations in the office.

Also, put up signage in all rooms reminding everyone to wash their hands.

You also want to implement social distancing measures. Try to keep a distance of six feet between workers. If you can manage, consider re-arranging the schedule of your people.

Limit the number of people who need to come to work. You can have half of your staff going to the office on certain days while the other half can work at home.

Make it clear to everyone that they need to stay at home if they’re not feeling well. If they are showing COVID-19 symptoms, encourage them to go to the hospital for a test.

Tips for Finding the Right Cleaners

Last but not least, you need to find professional cleaners who know how to clean offices in line with COVID-19 measures. Start by finding professional cleaners in your area. Hiring local cleaners means they can get to your office faster.

Moreover, they have a better understanding of how office policies in your area work.

You also want to talk to their staff. Ask them everything you want concerning their services. Inquire about their turnaround time.

What are the cleaning techniques will they use? What kind of cleaning equipment are they going to bring with them? Do they need anything from your end?

You also need to check on their experience. How old is the cleaning company? Which notable offices or buildings did they clean in the past?

Last but not least, look at the rates. Do they charge fairly for what they’re offering? Going for the cheapest one isn’t always the foolproof solution.

Neither is going for the most expensive. It all boils down to balancing the cost and the services they are offering.

Let’s Keep Your Office Safe and Clean

Through commercial office cleaning, you can reduce the risk of harbouring viruses and other pathogens in your workplace. In turn, you can keep your staff healthy and increase their productivity. But if finding a trusted cleaner takes a lot of your time, we can step in and end your search.

We offer professional cleaning services for big and small offices. Get in touch with us today and request a free quote. Let us clean every surface in your office, today!


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