Commercial Cleaning Melbourne (Guide)

When choosing your preferred cleaning company in Melbourne it is important to watch out for these 5 key things


  • Price

  • Guarantee

  • Reviews

  • Staff 

  • Reliability


Saving on costs can sometimes be costly


When choosing the right cleaning company it is important to evaluate which service will best suit the needs of your business. For instance, if all that you require is a basic clean and you only want to spend minimal amount of money then sure, paying the minimum may be a suitable option. If, however, you value the quality assurance and care that goes into the cleaning of your business and/or space, it is important to work with a quality cleaning company that understands your values and both supports you and your business.


Furthermore, it is always recommended that you select an ongoing service. Why? Maintenance is key. If you require your business or space to be cleaned regularly or in the foreseeable future, then it is best to set up a maintenance plan where cleaning is done on a regular basis. This means that your results will be maintained and additionally, will ensure you are not left scrambling to find a cleaner last minute as your service will be booked in advance leaving you with more time and less stress. 


It truly is a win, win situation :)


Guarantee your service


Guarantee is crucial! If there is no guarantee to ensure you will receive quality results it can be difficult to remove the worry and stress from your mind when it comes to hiring a new cleaning service.


A guarantee is more than just an “okay we'll get it done”. Rather, it is a company's statement highlighting their commitment to your business saying “we won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied”. If you are unsure of what your cleaner guarantees, call them and ask them. You deserve to be backed by a guarantee.


Think of it as though you are getting married, you want the guarantee that the other person will say "I do".




Testimonials should be a big contributing factor to your decision in choosing a cleaning company as they will highlight customers satisfaction and opinions regarding that company.


It is also important to watch out for those hidden gems that aren't always being advertised. There are hundreds of family owned businesses out there that genuinely care about their customers, yet they are often overlooked by people going directly to the big companies with the big billboards and terrible customer service.




Because they spend millions on advertising and the family owned businesses do not. So it is more important than ever to support not just local businesses but the ones who are truly there to service and take care of you.


Focus on trying to find a team that will be there for you when you need them most. 


Keep your space safe


Careful to not put your business at risk with unsafe and unprofessional cleaners. The people that work for you and the people you work with say equally as much about your business/image as each other. Be sure to check for fully insured cleaning companies and that do not sub-contract or hire illegal workers. 


Some companies sub-contract with other cleaning businesses who are not insured. Which means that if something was to happen you could potentially be held liable.


Training and experience

Happy employees are productive employees now add experience and real training what do you get? 


First there is training. Some jobs require specialised training there are clear and simple reasons why. Safety and efficiency. There is an old quote "if you only have a hammer, you begin to see every problem as a nail." Abraham Maslow in this way if the staff performing the cleaning are not trained on how to do the job correctly and safely. 

Secondly experience. In every profession there are little things that often go unnoticed by an untrained eye. Whether it is doing one thing before the other or vice versa experience goes a long way. As the old saying goes "measure twice, cut once" experience goes a long way. Experienced mean not only what to do but what not to do. 

Keep all these factors in mind as failing to do so can be costly.

Time is money


Reliability is key. Picking a commercial cleaner in Melbourne who specialise in servicing the Melbourne area will be a great choice. Making sure that they are able to meet your time frames. Often hiring cleaners that service a larger variety of areas have difficulties meeting client deadlines. Be sure to speak with a cleaning company and thoroughly discuss your needs and see ask how they will be able to meet your deadlines and requirements.

Extra tip


Ask about ways you can work together to reduce costs ultimately saving you both. For instance, there is usually a large amount of time and delays that come with transporting all the equipment. If the cleaners can store all the equipment on your site then you usually can ask for a discount or will usually increase the reliability of that job being done especially for on going and maintenance cleaning.


All in all try to get to know the company you will be working with. Try to connect on the phone with real cleaners or real managers and discuss your needs and their solutions. 


Remember that if you are paying a cheap price you will usually be receiving a cheap service.

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